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The media is silent with a new update from IBM: the CEO promised to move 25,000 new high paying tech jobs from overseas back to America, while the company pledges $1,000,000,000 in new American investments.

Prntly reports:

During the run-up to the election, Trump made employment issues a mainstay of his campaign, promising to scrap trade deals he viewed as draining jobs from the country and impose tariffs on imports if necessary. He has since claimed credit for preventing thousands of manufacturing jobs from moving overseas and used state incentives to strike a deal with Carrier, a unit of United Technologies (UTX), to pull back on its plans to move some operations to Mexico.

Rometty is continuing what is emerging as a formula among technology companies. In conjunction with meetings with Trump in his Manhattan tower, they’re pledging to create jobs and invest billions of dollars in the U.S., even if the plans had already been in the works since before he was elected.

The advantage for companies is that it can deflect criticism from the new administration that the industry is shifting jobs offshore, while also giving Trump a way to take credit for job creation goals that may have little to do with his election.

Romnetty, the CEO, told the USA Today her plan:

IBM Chief Executive Ginni Rometty pledged to hire and train workers in the United States ahead of a Wednesday gathering where she and other technology executives will meet with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump.

“We have thousands of open positions at any given moment, and we intend to hire about 25,000 professionals in the next four years in the United States,” Rometty said in a USA Today editorial published on Tuesday afternoon.

If Hillary won, could this have been possible? No.

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