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Should Bernie follow Through and boycott the SCOTUS?



The Judge is no different from Scalia.


But what should a good liberal do?




The Republican view:

Trump could have appointed Mother Theresa as the Supreme Court judge and Chuck Schumer and Warren would have filibustered.

Yes it’s true.

Actually, had Trump nominated Barack Obama, his racist rhetoric would preclude him from running. Remember his history of “God Damn America?”

What if Trump had appointed Hillary as the SCOTUS? Her criminal investigations and Clinton Foundation would not stand up to anybody’s Scrutiny.

But here we are, with Chucky and Liz bashing Trump’s sterling pick.

The Democrats are the party of No.


SCHUER’S CARDS – If Schumer filibusters Judge Gorsuch now, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will, most likely, use the nuclear option and point to Senator Schumer as the reason therein.  That means Gorsuch on the bench having needed only 51 votes.

McConnell points to Schumers intransigence and also points to the former confirmation of Gorsuch, against the backdrop of the Judges impeccable character and credentials etc.

Deployment of the nuclear option means, more consequentially, when Justice Kennedy announces his retirement, ANY replacement – including a much, much more conservative replacement like Pryor – is a guaranteed seat only needing 51 votes.

Think about it.  The court would then lean even further to the right, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 2017, (now 84-years-old), clinging to a respirator in year one of President Trump’s tenure.


Schumer and friends pledge to filibuster Trump’s Supreme Court Justice “just because”

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